Hope’s Needle: a thread


embroidering new
morning glory
pajamas, well worn
frayed, too short

under your breath
tomorrow, we water
daffodils, and spread joy
with roses bloomed

needle and threads
a mixed posy of
spring colours, carefully
sewn, with hope



Copyright February 2019

Walk The Dandelion


The girl pulled the final weed from between the end bricks. Rising slowly, she gently rubbed her aching back before wheeling her barrow over to the compost heap at the edge of the road. She grimaced as she upended the barrow. The pain never left but at least her task was complete for now.

She slowly packed her supplies into the wheelbarrow and set off down the brick road. It was a long way back to the beginning.

As she walked, she moved back in time, through the weedless bricks of yesterday, to the early sproutings of a week before, and the full thicket of dandelions from a month before that.

As she walked, her pain lessened, her cares eased, and she began to smile. She remembered the good times, the days when clouds loosed rain upon the ground.  The times when dandelions covered the earth, not just the gaps in brick roads.

Tomorrow, she knew, she would begin again.  Pulling dandelions from between bricks, scattering their wishes in the morning sun. Wishes for others to capture, and sow, and wish upon, themselves.



Copyright August 2018

Chthonic Cycles


a calm has settled upon me

the tumultuous thoughts of this morning

have settled somewhere safely in a corner

a part of my mind where hurts go to heal


sometimes there is such loneliness in depression

a need for love so strong it manifests as pain

a huge lump in my centre cutting off air

and a blank in my brain where hope once was


this morning I walked with heavy steps in the sun

Churchill’s black dog strained at a tight leash

choking me with tales of nothingness and no need

outsider, no-hoper, social-misfit, crone


it is true, if you wait, another mood comes

hours, days, months later it ventures in

highlighting a flower, a photo, a word

and a small slither of hope enters the world



Copyright June 2017