Grasping at Straws

sometimes the correct words

swim under the frozen surface

I see them dashing hither and thither

and I know that my emotions

beat inside their tiny little hearts

but I cannot crack the surface

so I sit on that surface

watching dispatched parts of myself

pretending to be part of the whole

and I wonder what it’s like to feel like everyone else



Copyright December 2016


Organised Writing

A conspiracy of words

Where tenses are manipulated to gain power over verbs and nouns and adjectives

Not to mention moving points of view

Third persons scampering about

Gaining footholds in stories

Where they have no right to be

I speak to the Don of Dictionaries about a small remuneration

In return for access to my mind

He leaves a horse head in my nightmares

A warning

Not to underestimate the power of organised writing


Copyright March 2013