Duty Calls

the years flash by

while each day stretches

on an indefinite meandering path

yet the path is well worn

she steps in foot marks made yesterday

reinforcing those from the day before

sometimes she wishes to leave the path

but duty keeps her on the same trail

and all the while she can see the end

creeping a little closer to her destination

shedding desires and wishes and dreams as she goes



Copyright June 2017

Childhood in Concrete


she remembers sitting

outside the church

on concrete steps

lost in conversation

with the others in her head


a strange little girl

obsessed with religious icons

and the stories of martyrs

she often felt faint

overwhelmed with anxiety


she could’ve been abducted

by aliens or those that prey

on little girls on steps

outside of catholic churches

but she wasn’t



Copyright June 2017

Another Life


in an alternative life

{the one lived on an earth free of pollution

with fast flowing rivers and gigantic stars}

I fell in love fifteen different times

with writers and artists and cats in the lane

the biggest love of all for that woman in the mirror

her of the flowing locks and defiant stare

I yearned to push through the glass

to blend my ugliness with her confidence

one day I broke the glass into shards

watched in awe as blood flowed from battered fists

felt the pain as disappearing dreams washed down the drain

and smiled at the glorious futility of it all



Copyright May 2017



England, a nation of shopkeepers

{after conquering the world}

has left behind a trail of buy and sell


unfortunately we sell our souls to the money devils

buy sanctimonious threats from clambering fools

wrapped up in jingoistic declarations


when life is sold for profit

and people cannot be seen for the money trees

and empathy is seen as a weakness

then, and only then, will fear rule the world



Copyright May 2017