Stormy Mind Set

stagnant the only word

describing the lack of

variety in the sky

everyday humidity burns

reveals the sun’s teeth

bite bite biting flesh

tearing at the fragile fragments

of sleep deprived demented minds


they call this summer


memory regurgitates storms

lightning bouncing off the ground

like illuminated golf balls

on a downward trajectory

arcing, descending, splattering forces

mixed with hail and cats and dogs and frogs

and thunder rumbling underneath

the collective heat-drained sigh

of people, birds and restless trees


drinking it all in




Copyright January 2019

Off The Cuff


can be quite elusive

like unicorns turning up in the backyard

on long hot summer afternoons

eating all the unripe bananas

before burping and flying away


there wasn’t even time for a photo!




Copyright February 2017



Heat Stained Town

I close my eyes

listen to the chug

of a neighbour’s air con

lucky people sleeping in the cool

the fan merely moves the heat

a cool facade of drying sweat

even the water isn’t cold

the hot tap remains unused

and it pays to stick your head in the fridge


we are all overdue for the rains

there’s a madness sets in as the garden dies

as the crepe myrtle flowers for the second time

and the agapanthus gives up the ghost

and the people in air conditioned cars all drive like maniacs

whilst I drive slowly with the windows down

and hum along to the sounds of a heat stained town

Copyright February 2017