January the 17th

the steady patter on the roof

not possums or cats


the steady patter on the roof

not my heart beating wildly


the steady patter on the roof




Copyright January 2020



On the cusp of dusk

The rain comes

At first on dainty little feet it treads

Dampening the grass with tiny steps

Then as its anger seems to grow

It pelts all with a mighty roar of defiance

As if this dry earth stands in the way of greater things



Copyright January 2015


I can feel the sigh of the land

Roots drunk on tropical punch

After a summer of sobriety

Watching the withering weak

The survivors drink deep

For within the memory of the land

And all its inhabitants contained

Drought follows flood follows drought

So while we wallow in the mud with the worms

The future beckons with a thirst

Satisfied only in retrospect



Copyright March 2014.